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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For the filling:
250 gr mix of ground pork and beef
ground black pepper
1 grated onion
Mix all of the ingredients and fill the dough with it

For the donut:
1 tps salt
1 Tps sugar
1 cup flour + some additional what you need to have a not sticky dough
100 gr melted butter
2 eggs (or yolks only)
100 ml milk (lukewarm)
20 gr yeast
Put the yeast and the sugar in the lukewarm milk, give the yeast 5 mins to melt and raise
Put the flour in a bowl, add the melted butter, salt and the eggs then the milk with the yeast and stir them (add additional flour or milk if it is sticky or does not want to combine)
Let the dough in a warm place to double itself, then start to nip small pieces from it and round them like a walnut - plate them and fill them with the meat (put small meatballs into their center and start to fold the dough around the balls - a small center of the meat should be visible from the whole ball at the end)
Let the donuts alone for 10 mins then put them into hot oil in a pan starting to fry with the meat-side of the dough (oil should cover at least a half of the donuts) when you turn round them (after some mins) you need to pour some oil onto their top with a spoon until the bottom of the donuts will be ready... Depending of the size of your donuts maybe you need to fry them on a lower temperature to not burn them, but do not let them remaining raw and sticky inside

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